Ways to build your credit

First and foremost, stop applying for credit cards, even if you can pay it off every month, your score is lowered for every new account you open. It is better for you to manage the accounts that you have now, and work from there. You should never use more than 30% of your credit limit, even if you can pay that percentage every month, it doesn't increase your credit. While leaving your card at home and forgetting about it actually could benefit towards an increase of your score. Yes, it does take time, but with time comes benefits. Do not miss any payments. This causes the bureaus to have a cause for lowering your score. They just need a reason to decrease your score, don't let that be the reason. Old is gold, so there's many benefits that come with accounts that have a good overview and have been open for years. This will benefit you in the long run, credit is not built overnight, instead it takes time to build it. You may notice that is it much easier to see your credit drop, indeed, but raising your credit also teaches you more responsibility towards handling your finances in a better way.

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